FABRICK for Footpatrol | Available Now!

05.02.21 General

Founded in 1996, Tatsuhiko Akashi and his MEDICOM TOY empire have since become one of the most highly regarded and valued collectables within streetwear as well as the art world, producing some of the most sought after products, having collaborated with high end brands and artists across all fields including Chanel, Bape, Stash, Futura and many more…

Since its introduction, the BE@RBRICK figure has become one of MEDICOM TOYS iconic collector’s pieces, with some editions extremely popular on the secondary market. 

As well as MEDICOM TOY, they also have FABRICK, which expands on desirable collectables, focusing mainly on textiles design, for home goods & accessories. Implementing exquisite Japanese craftsmanship on everything from wallets to sofas, FABRICK offers a more tactile experience, bringing the originality and uniqueness in a more wearable and usable form.

We’re excited to announce our latest collaboration with FABRICK, on a range of home goods and accessories.

We wanted to build on our love of graphic design, typography and the city where Footpatrol began, London. Often referred to as a concrete jungle, we played on this idea by building a maze, mirroring the intertwining streets and alleyways of Soho, taking inspiration from optical illusion artists such as MC Escher, we landed on a design that with closer inspection, reveals our name.

Made in Japan within the secret laboratories of MEDICOM TOY, the collection include two bags, a cushion and a pair of house slippers, the bags, a sacoche and a waist bag, are both lightweight with enough room for your everyday belongings, whilst the slippers and cushion add an extra sense of comfort within the home.

Shop here! Prices range from £35 – £50.

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