Demigosh Listening Party | 13.07.23

A multidisciplinary artist captured by the soundscape of Western diaspora, paired with his tongue-spoken Youruba that stems back to his Nigerian roots, Demigosh is one of the few artists that continues to pave his own lane within the music landscape. With sounds that go far beyond the slinkiest of beats, exploring hard-hitting topics of intimacy, relationships, and influences of vices. 

To celebrate Demigosh’s musical accomplishments so far, we are hosting an in-store listening party that captures the essence of his new sound.

Debuting his new single ‘Good Without’, his latest masterpiece is a hybrid Spooky Black, Lagbaja, and Vangelis’ Blade Runner Soundtrack, with a narrative that follows the beginnings of a breakup.

Join us in-store on 13th July from 18:00pm till 21:00 for a listening experience like no other! Please just RSVP to and we’ll be in touch prior to the event to confirm attendance.

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