CP Company Cinquanta | Exhibition Recap

There are some brands within the world of fashion who when they reach a certain milestone, you have to almost take a step back and appreciate where they’ve come from and their history within streetwear and for 2021, C.P. have entered their 50th anniversary.

As part of these celebrations, last week saw them open up their ‘Cinquanta’ exhibition in Darwen, Lancashire that looks to tell the extensive history of the brand. Having always had its roots deeply planted within the world of Football culture, Darwen made for the perfect setting due to it historically being the original birthplace of professional football. With that and the ties the northwest of England strongly has with the C.P. Company brand through these subcultures and the fashion that has surrounded the sport, it made for a fitting location. It’s these roots the exhibition navigates as it took us on a journey and that this Italian brand has become a mainstay name for British football supporters.

With these strong ties, the ‘Cinquanta’ exhibition is part of the 2021 British Textile Biennial program and acts as a detailed presentation that spans over five decades of Italian sports and casual wear.

Closing on the 10th October and not wanting to miss out on this, we headed up north this week to visit the space and explore so join us by taking a closer look below.

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