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13.11.20 General

With the reopening of our stores back in June, we brought you our newest platform, Ask TEAMFP. This was our next step at bringing you, the community closer to us at Footpatrol. With the recent government announcements now in place, closing both our London and Paris stores, we didn’t want to lose touch with you all again.

With this in mind, you’ll still be able to find the Ask TEAMFP feature live on our site where our team member Bradley will be on hand to help with any queries. Whether that’s styling advice for a certain shoe, help with sizing or you just want to discuss kicks, Brads your man.

Having discovered the sneaker community through events like Crepe City, it was actually an evening watching TV with his nan that led him on the path he’s on now, having both been intrigued by a certain Air Max 1 on the telly, they discovered the world of ‘exclusive trainers’ and became intrigued ever since.

We speak with Brad below and catch up on how he got into fashion, food, London and of course Footpatrol.

Footpatrol: To start things off, tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from?

Brad: Well, my name is Bradley. I’m 23 and was born in Spain, I later moved to England when I was younger and grew up in Reigate, Surrey. I’ve plopped myself over in East London now though. 

FP: Where would you say you got your style influences from?

Brad: That’s a tough one, I’m not really sure my style has changed like the weather as I’ve gotten older. My mum and my nan have always been into fashion and I used to go shopping with them so I developed a style from their opinions. As I got older though and discovered the world of footwear my ‘style’ became what I like to call – ‘Comfort over style’. Basically my wardrobe is built up of clothes that are too big for me haha!

FP: Who is your most listened to artist right now?

Brad: Ummmmmm, I think it would have to be either uk rapper Mally, Mala Rodriguez or Big L.

FP: What’s it like to be a part of the Footpatrol Family and what made you want to join?

Brad: For any head that loves shoes, based in London (or close enough) and wants to work in the industry, what better place is there to be! I remember when I was still at school coming to London on my own with no money on the weekends just to walk through the store to feel cool ahah! It was always a goal for me to work for Footpatrol growing up, so to be able to say I do now is crazy. It’s the epicentre of all things relevant both release wise and culturally, they have always been on it!

FP: What makes Soho so important to you?

Brad: Soho has always been a place of such acceptance and diversity, there weren’t many people where I grew up into streetwear and sneaks so it was a place you felt part of the community.

FP: If you had to pick one brand to wear, what would it be and why?

Brad: Literally an impossible question so here’s 3 I plan to only wear when I am rich AF and older – Visvim, Kapital and Sacai. Mens or womenswear doesn’t matter Japanese brands are the originators of gender neutral fashion.

FP: Favourite shoe?

Brad: Parra x Nike Airmax 1 ‘Amsterdam’

FP: Can you explain the benefits of the Ask Team FP service?

Brad: It’s all about being able to speak to like minded individuals that want to help in something they share an interest in, it’s like having a live forum where you make a post asking how a certain model fits expect you don’t have to wait for the answers or bump your post.

FP: What does Footpatrol mean to you?

Brad: It’s the UKs best and first to do what they do. Yeah there are other places that have been around for longer but none of them have been at the centre of sneaker culture for as long as Footpatrol have.

FP: Top 3 pairs you own?

Nike Airmax 1 Bespoke

Nike SB Dunk High ‘Skunk’

Nike Air Foamposite One NRG ‘Galaxy’

FP: Does London have a special meaning to you?

Brad: London has always had huge importance to me, my english grandparents grew up Brentford ways so things like going to watch the football at Brentford with my grandad to the shopping trips with my mum and my nan. It’s a place of acceptance no matter your differences. 

FP: Where is the best place to go in Soho?

Brad: Well obviously Footpatrol! Then once you’re done wearing what you bought, go Jason Markks those guys are safe as hell!

FP: If you had to pick one place to get food in the area where would you recommend?

Brad: Simple answer really, Cookhouse Joes.

FP: How important is it to get to know the customer?

Brad: How else do we create a community!? It’s the focal point of making sure people are happy, we want to be able to learn about the people who come through the door as best as we can so for next time you’re back we got you!

FP: If you had to describe yourself in 1 word what would it be?

Brad: Scrumptious

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