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At Footpatrol our commitment and devotion to our community has always been at the heart of everything we do. No matter the location, we are always finding ways to create that seamless experience for our consumers and there’s no way better to reach you guys  through our ASK TEAM FP platform. Holistically designed for any of your sneaker queries at a touch of a button and from the comfort of your home.  

Communication is very important to us – merging the bridge between virtual and in-store experience in a way that is friendly, personalised, and interactional. Whether it is in-depth looks on a product, in-store sizing guidance or just general styling advice, we are always looking for ways to help enhance your sneaker journey. 

With that being said, we would like to introduce our newest member of our ASK FP team, Billy, who will be the latest mastermind behind all your queries. We caught up with him to discuss his love for FP, the Soho community and his very inspiring style choices. 

FP: How long have you been working at Footpatrol for?

Billy: I’ve worked at Footpatrol for 8 months. But, it feels like so much longer thanks to the lovely team.

FP: What do you like about working for Footpatrol/ being a part of the FP community?

Billy: Footpatrol is a hub for the sneaker community and that’s the pure beauty of it, meeting enthusiasts of the product or just friends in the store.

FP: How would you describe your style in three words?

Billy: Plain. White. T 

FP: Soho is a very lively society with cultural influence. What does Soho mean to you?

Billy: Soho is the heart of London in my opinion. It’s a special place to me as I’d travel and see my Dad here a lot when I was younger and he would take me to all these favourite spots in Soho, they always just have their own character and that’s why they belong here.

FP: Where are your top three places to visit in Soho?

Bruno’s – for a good breakfast 

Soderberg – for a cinnamon bun and coffee 

MacCulloch & Wallis -for all your fabric and haberdashery needs 

FP: What is your favourite shoe of all time?

Billy: Gotta to be the Acronym x Lunar Force 1 in all white. If I could have access to more pairs I would never wear another shoe.

FP: What would you say are your top three releases this year?


1. Salehe Bembury x Crocs Clog

2. Air Max 95 ‘Ironstone’

3. New Balance x DSM 40th Anniversary

But in all honesty, the best 3 releases this year are yet to come and I think you know which retailer is giving you them.

FP: How would you describe your music taste? Any favourite artists or songs on rotation at the moment?

Billy: My music taste is pretty uninspiring right now as I’m just stuck on podcasts. ( Brydon & Wolf and Off Menu) Back to music, it’s either Prince or CASIDEAD 

FP: As you know that it is the 20th anniversary of Footpatrol, what is it like being a part of the team on such a big landmark year?

Billy: As always it’s a pleasure, the team knows how important this year is and I think the products we’re putting out are proof of how far we’ve come and have yet to go!

FP: What does great customer service mean to you? 

Billy: It’s simple, manners and being eager to educate others on the products you have. The service is what seals the deal on a product like ours and is why we are happy to help.

FP: Can you explain the benefits for Ask Team FP service?

Billy: The Team FP service is a great opportunity for customers to get to know the shop staff. Service and knowledge is key when looking for desirable and exclusive products and that’s what we can provide.

FP: To finish off, is there anything that you would like to share with the Footpatrol community?
Billy: As we celebrate this 20th anniversary we want everyone involved as that’s what has gotten us to where we are. So please come celebrate with us, if you’re in Soho, come pop in for a chat.

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