Ask TEAMFP London | Alice

17.09.21 General

With the stores now back open and back in full swing, we revisit ‘Ask TEAMFP’ which if you weren’t aware, you’ll be able to find live on our website. 

In an effort to bring you, the community closer to our team, we’ll be introducing you to a few familiar faces you’re likely to see on your store visits. It’s these team members that will be heading up the service and will be on hand to offer you in-depth looks into product, in-store sizing guidance and styling advice whilst also being able to offer you a greater insight into our local community of Soho.

This week, we meet Alice. One of the newer members to TEAMFP, Alice has always been into sneakers and is always on hand to offer guidance and advice… she’s also on hand to talk about photography for all those fellow photographers within the community.

FP: To start things off, tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from?

Alice: I am about to go into my third year at UAL studying photojournalism. I grew up in a small village in the countryside, outside Cheltenham, there wasn’t much there apart from sheep. 

FP: Where would you say you got your style influences from?

Alice: If I didn’t give some credit to my older brother when it comes to the clothes I wear I’d be kidding myself. I’ve always wanted to be like him. 

FP: Who is your most listened to artist right now?

Alice: Embarrassingly, Kanye. 

FP: What makes Soho so important to you? 

Alice: It’s the place I know best in London, the streets feel familiar and now so do the faces. 

FP: Favourite shoe?

Has to be the Air Force 1! 

FP: Can you explain the benefits of the Ask Team FP service?

Alice: I think it’s important to feel like you belong, when you come into the store it’s nice to know who you’re being greeted by, we’re not as scary as we seem. 

FP: Top 3 pairs you own? 

Recently the Aleai May Jordan 14 

Khaki Green Air Max 93

My beat up Uptempos <3 

FP: If you had to pick one place to get food in the area where would you recommend?

Alice: You can’t go wrong with a good sandwich at Camisa…

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