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17.10.22 Footpatrol Meets

For our latest FP Meets, we catch up with Liverpool based photographer, Anthony Lee. Constantly on the move with a camera in his hand, Anthony often has the more obscure choice of silhouettes on his feet. From classic New Balance options to more trail based picks from Salomon, you’ll always find Anthony experimenting with colour coordination for tonal perfection.

Footpatrol: Yes Anthony, great to have you join us at Footpatrol for our latest episode in the Footpatrol Meets series. First and foremost, how have you been?

AL: Yes! Thanks for having me. Good thanks, enjoying this cooler weather we’re having lately, prime time for layering!

FP: Kicking things off, Footpatrol Meets is our opportunity to highlight everyone and anyone who has a passion for sneakers to share their favourites with us and our audience. Can you remember what kick started this journey for you?

AL: I actually think it may have been down to my first pair of New Balance 990v3’s that kick-started this ‘mild’ obsession. It was a few years back and you couldn’t really find them outside of the US, so I ended up buying a pair online from Kith, bouncing them to a mate in Texas and having him ship them to me. I’d never gone to those kinds of lengths before for a product and I guess putting in that kind of ‘work’ definitely makes you appreciate them more, I actually still have and wear the pair to date. It’s super nice to see the v3 model make a huge return and grow in such popularity.

FP: ‘Mild’ obsession… yeah ok, we can see all those shoe boxes!

Having followed you for a number of years now, you’ve really nailed down that distinct style that sets you apart from others. Whether it’s selecting your next piece of furniture or that next item within your wardrobe, what is it you look for when making a purchase? 

AL: Haha, thank you. You’re too kind. I can’t really say what drives me to make a purchase to be honest. I guess first and foremost it’s about supporting the brands and stores that you love? I’m pretty conscious about design, whether it’s a garment or piece of furniture. I think that good design and construction is definitely one thing I’ll prioritise. 

Then I suppose the next question would be “does this fill a gap (functionally and/or aesthetically) within my wardrobe, home or wherever?” I’ve made far too many mistakes buying items that fulfil the same purpose in my wardrobe especially, I still probably will do as well, haha. 

I’ve also found myself making more and more secondhand purchases, off the likes of eBay, Depop or Grailed. I’ve found that a lot of previous or older seasons from my favourite brands really resonate with me so finding the odd piece here and there not only feels like a victory but also feels more exclusive and rare.

FP: What’s that one item that you just can’t put down or stop wearing? 

AL: Tough one! Besides the obvious like, jewellery and my phone haha. I’d probably say there’s this pair of Nike cargo’s I picked up off eBay for like £20. They’re probably from the early 2000’s and an XL so they fit nice and loose, but also I don’t mind battering them so I tend to reach for them more often than not. Yeah, I’ve shot fits with them, dog walks, beers, you name it, they’ve probably been worn doing it…

FP: What we enjoy seeing on your page is the range of brands, from New Balance to Saucony through to Salomon and a clear love of Mizuno, you aren’t tying yourself down at all! Why is this? 

AL: I think I’ve been fortunate enough to be in a position where my job kind of allows me to try and explore all of these brands. I really enjoy it to be honest, and I think if you ignored all of the great work so many of these brands are doing then you’d really limit yourself in terms of style, creativity and even performance.

Safe to say, I definitely do have my favourites on brands and styles like the New Balance 990v3 or the Salomon XT-4, but trying new ones like Mizuno has definitely been exciting.

FP: And speaking of that love of different brands, you’ve selected the following as your top 5… The New Balance 993, Packer x Reebok Trinity Premier, Kiko Kostadinov x ASICS GEL-DELVA, Bodega x New Balance 990 and the Salomon XT-Quest 2 Advanced, can you share with us a little bit more about why you chose these?  

AL: Sure! So I’ve tried to hit a broad selection across my collection with this pick. I don’t think any one of these models does the same thing as the other, whether it’s performance based or aesthetic? – Maybe with the exception of the Bodega NBs and Packer Reeboks, I’ll admit they’re similar…

Anyway, obviously a pair of 990v3’s had to go in there, think these are possibly my favourite model of all time? And I think the Bodega collab really hits with the colourway and materials. I’ve got my pair of 993’s in there mostly because I feel like they’re an underdog in my collection. I think triple black sneakers can be overlooked a lot of the time and I find I love mine more and more with each wear.

The ASICS x Kikos are probably one of my grails, I managed to pick mine up off eBay in mint condition for a steal, which kind of makes me love them more? I think the releases between these two are always some of the most progressive and interesting designs out there.

For the Salomon’s, I think the XT Quest 2’s are a real throwback model, a proper dad hiker and unlike anything I currently own in my collection. Been a fan since I saw the TBA pair and this colourway in particular really hits!

And lastly, the Packer x Reebok Trinity Premier; these were a surprise love for me, I hadn’t really seen a silhouette like this from Reebok before and the colours and materials just ticked boxes in my eyes. Quite an underrated release if you ask me, I haven’t really seen many others knocking about but maybe I’m just looking in the wrong circles.

FP: Could you quickly talk to us about how you’d style them?

AL: Loose pants, always. I think the selection I’ve picked are probably styles that are super flexible in terms of styling, probably one of the things I enjoy about each, there are several ways to style. Off the top of my head though;

Probably some nice Ecru pants and a good fleece for the Bodegas? Keep it nice and tonal. I’ve actually been wearing this beigey/browny knit from Garbstore and some loose khaki cargo pants with my Salomons, reckon that fit really hits the mark for where I’m at style-wise. I’d match up the triple black 993’s with a pair of black wide pants maybe a sweat up top? Pretty plain and a little bit smarter. The ASICS x Kikos are probably one to show off a bit so I’d get a pant that sits just on or above the shoe? Probably a nice shell up top with these but a more understated fit to let the shoes hit first. Then for the Packer Reeboks; I think what initially sold me on them was the styling that Packer did around the release, they’d paired them up with some loose sweatpants, hoodie and a down jacket so I’d probably run with that exact look for these.
FP: What’s that one elusive sneaker that’s always slipped your grasp that you’ve always wanted? Hype, or not, we’re intrigued!

AL: Haha, man. If I had a time machine… It’d probably be the ASICS x Kiko Gel Burz 2 in that green/aqua colourway (or Burz 1 in that earth colour), they released way before I knew what I was chatting about so missed the boat there big time. Just really love the design and colours on these. I’m definitely keeping an eye out for secondhand pairs but that £1k mark they’re currently at is astounding.

Besides them, it’d be the JJJJound x New Balance 990v3’s in the green/olive colourway. I don’t think I’ve seen a better looking v3 if I’m honest, and still gutted to this day that I couldn’t secure a pair for myself.

FP: And I think with that, that’s it from us at Footpatrol! It’s been great to speak more to you Anthony! 

Thanks for having me here guys! Really appreciate it and it’s been awesome to talk to you. Keep up the sick work!

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