ALL GONE 2018 – ‘The Finest of Street Culture’ In-Store Book Signing

ALL GONE – The Finest of Street Culture.

With the release of LAMJC’s 2018 edition of ALL GONE, dubbed “The World is Yovrs,” we held our annual book signing event with Michael Dupouy at our London store, this was our first signing since our new refurbishment!

Three different covers designed by French artist Yoann Houlbert resemble vintage world maps, with plenty of hidden nods to street culture.

All Gone is a place not only for the streetwear aficionados, It’s also a great place new-comers to get a taste for street culture and the many avenues it leads to within from a brand perspective, All gone is an annual to learn from and be inspired by the industry’s best. 

These collectable annuals feature a variety of work from the most notable artists and retailers, celebrating the colourful fusion of street-fashion and art.

See below for a full RECAP!

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