Adidas Consortium XZ 0006 ‘Inside Out’ | Now Available!

11.05.21 General

When it comes to adidas and their ZX series, there seems to be no slowing down. Building on the creativity of the A-ZX series, this latest launch sees inspiration paid to the recently launched ZX ‘X-Ray’ with another take on the iconic ZX 6000 and flipping it inside out, playing on the current deconstructed trends.

Though flipped inside out, the three colour ways on offer are still instantly recognisable as ZX products. Subtle pastel tones that represent iconic ZX colour ways are still a main feature whilst new details like exposed foam and stitching can be found working their way across the upper. Further building on this inside out theory, a host of transparent materials can be found on the toe box and eyelets highlighting this special ZX series construction.

To celebrate this launch, we’ve teamed up with two creatives who’s day to day lives are built around this unique level of visual, textile design. Sit back as we catch up with Lisa and Sage and get a closer look at the XZ 0006.

Footpatrol: Sage, Lisa it’s great to finally sit down with you after all this prep and organisation it took for this shoot. How are you both?

Lisa: Hiyaa! I’m actually good considering this strange time we’ve been in and are all increasingly questioning our surroundings haha. I feel very grateful and curious and honestly I’m just taking things day by day. Celebrating the small things. So fun to be a part of this project, thank you for having me guys!

Sage: Hey, thank you for having me… I am doing good, feeling incredibly blessed at the moment. Things are very busy and hectic at the moment but I really can’t complain. People are going through very hard times at the moment so I am feeling blessed just to be in good health as well as my loved ones. 

FP: Before we talk about the product I wanted to give the followers of Footpatrol a bit of an introduction on you both. Although you modelled and helped arrange the set for the shoot you guys are also designers/artists, could you tell us a bit about what you do individually?

L: I would probably best describe myself as a multidisciplinary textile designer and mixed media creative.  I’m Currently doing my Masters in Textile design researching future sustainable textile techniques.

S: So I run a namesake clothing label SAGE NATION – as well as this I do creative consultancy for various other companies/projects. 

FP: Lisa, your visual design we’ve seen pop up around London and your textile design is seriously unique. Where did you come up with the concepts that you have for both?

L: Aw thank you, that’s such kind words.

I wanted to translate the colour purple. Purple stands for mystery, independence and magic, so I chose to work with tech materials such as latex, reflective ripstop, coated textures, scuba and PVC that reflect colour and light depending on the day/night.

When it comes to my textiles design my focus is always about purpose, fabric manipulation and sustainability. I think respecting materials and having a deeper understanding is so important as a creative.

FP: In regards to your textile design, was the focus on sustainability or the creativity in materials you use?

L: Sustainability always comes first, it’s funny because I have this discussion often, it is truly about a mindset and behaviour and then creativity always follows for me. Sustainability and creativity is a relationship, and they can’t live without each other.

FP: Sage in regards to your brand Sage Nation, you were tipped by a few blogs as a brand to watch back in 2018 with your Nostos Algos capsule collection. How has the brand developed since then?

S: Since that time a lot has changed to say the least. I was only 18 when I put out that capsule. I have grown and evolved a lot since that time. The spirit of my design and output is still the same. I just feel it is more refined now. I am starting to value how important and informative that time was. Sometimes you have to look back to move forward, and I’ve been doing that more recently.  I am still young and growing and I hope I look back at my work now in the same light I look back at the Nostos Algos capsule. 

FP: Where did the idea for the brand come from, was this always the aesthetic you wanted to follow when you were conceptualising it?

S: To begin with the brand was formed from a place of frustration I would say. It was a way I could articulate myself through my craft. I use the brand as a way to express a constant stream of thoughts, ideas and solutions. I am someone that learns by doing, so I just had to start. 

FP: How important is it for you both to be able to have an impact on sustainable fashion?

L: I would say it is very important to me but it can sometimes be very overwhelming because we live in a linear fashion economy and produce so much waste everyday. Often people aren’t aware of what it is to be a conscious consumer. I am striving to implement change in any way that I can and help push towards a circular fashion economy. 

S: My approach to being more sustainable is within my design philosophy more than anything. I design products that I feel have a timeless spirit to it, my pieces are designed to become a part of someone’s everyday uniform and not distract from their life but instead enhance their life. My clothes are not for the ‘moment’. I do not strive to use recycled or reused fabrics, I find this approach can sometimes be counter productive through the process of manufacturing these fabrics it can actually be more harmful than beneficial to the system. I spend a lot of time really thinking about what fabrics are going to be the most durable and bring the most joy to someone’s everyday life. Through this approach I think the product will be more treasured and therefore more sustainable.

FP: Do you feel there is enough focus across the industry on the importance of sustainability or do you think this is an area that is still yet to grow more?

L: Fashion is such a fundamental part of our daily life whether we want it to be or not. Personally I don’t think there is enough focus and we need to pick up the pace but I think everyone is still trying to “figure it out”. However sustainability has such a wide scope of values and it’s great to see the brands that are: Having a zero waste approach, ethical production, upcycling and recycling or like  Adidas using Mylo materials made from mushrooms which is soo cool! 

S: I think it is definitely getting spoken about and highlighted enough in the industry now. The only thing that concerns me is when the idea of ‘sustainability’ is being monetized and becomes a marketing tool. Sustainability shouldn’t be given brownie points, it should just be the base standard that we are all striving for. 

FP: Let’s move onto the XZ0006 Inside Out pack. Out of the 3 which is your favourite?

L: Blue!

S: Lowkey I think the pink ones are my favorite.

FP: I have to agree with Sage on this one, the pinks the winner for me too! Another thing I wanted to touch on also was the set for the shoot. With the concept of the shoes being inside out, how did you guys go about in piecing the set together?

L: It was great to collaborate with Sage on set and work together pairing textures with structures. We wanted volume and layers and honestly it was very playful and putting a spotlight on materials because they are all around us. 

S: This set and concept was all about exposing the interior structure of something. I think it was really about appreciating materials that we might normally overlook or not notice. With experimenting with these types of materials you develop a new appreciation of materials in general. 

FP: Guys thank you so much for all your help on this project and also sharing your stories. Before we let you go, is there anything you would like to share to the Footpatrol fans to create some buzz around anything either of you are currently working on?

L: Thank you for having me! I will be in the studio working on my final MA textile collection entirely made from surplus materials that will be showcased late summer. Xx

S: Thank you, appreciated. So I am currently working on SS22 which will be Collection 02. Very excited to get that out there. It will be the first collection to stock in stores globally. 

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