adidas Triple PlatForum | Now Available

This past year has seen the Forum gain a bit of a resurgence and to continue experimenting with the famed silhouette, adidas takes things to the extreme with the addition of an over exaggerated triple platform midsole.

First representing the court, the adidas Forum quickly made strides on the street as well and its this recipe that has been kept the same. A timeless design, the upper is made up of a soft yet durable soft grey leather with the recognisable ankle strap securing the wearers foot.

Here on down however, everything changes and the design is reimagined with the use of a triple platform, hence the name, ‘Triple PlatForum’. This multilayered midsole creates a unique look with the use of a gradient of pastel, gum shades creating a slightly aged look.

Take a closer look at the adidas Triple PlatForum below and click here to shop!

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